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New Rich Roast Pure Colombian

New Rich Roast Pure Colombian
New Rich Roast Pure Colombian

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This coffee is a richer roast of our original Pure Colombian. Colombia is the second largest producing country in the world after Brazil. Colombia Excelso Huila comes from a group of small farms with an average size of 2 hectares each, located within the Huila department. These small farms are planted in mostly Caturra and processing is of the traditional method. They all use manual hand-crank de-pulping machines to remove the cherry from the beans. They use raised beds for drying the coffee which gives the coffee good air circulation and even drying. In short the farmers are able to oversee how their coffee is handled, sorted, and prepped every step of the way.  These Arabica beans are of the finest quality and the rich roast gives a depth of flavour without any bitterness. 

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