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Costa Rica Tuj San Marcos De Tarrazu

Costa Rica Tuj San Marcos De Tarrazu
Costa Rica Tuj San Marcos De Tarrazu
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One of the most highly regarded marks of top quality Costa Rican coffee from the volcanic Tarrazu region.  Tobias Umana Jimenez built the mill in the town of San Marcos in 1920. Strict quality control to use only green / blue bold beans grown at an altitude of 1,750 metres limits production to a maximum of 12,000 bags a year.  The coffee is characterised in the cup by the light acidic flavour, good body and aroma. Costa Rica, with its rich, well drained, volcanic soil, was the first Central American country to grow coffee on a commercial basis after its introduction from Cuba in 1729.  Grown at altitudes of over 1,500m above sea level. This is a medium roast with no bitterness.

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