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Nicaraguan "Flores del Café" Woman's Fund Social Project

Nicaraguan "Flores del Café"  Woman's Fund Social Project
Nicaraguan "Flores del Café" Woman's Fund Social Project

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This coffee, produced exclusively by women, is the key to the goal of the Women’s Project: improving the quality of life of its members. The “Flores del Café” helps them to acquire a legal title to property of their land. This legal right is a precondition for being able to receive credits and loans for economic purposes. Usually, landownership is passed on from the fathers to their sons. If women also own land, the income and quality of life of the families is increased. This is supported and encouraged by Flores del Café.

Character and Taste
A light acidity, totally without any tanginess is characteristic for this Arabica. The aromas of nuts and a delicate note of cherries are perfectly rounded off by a creamy, smooth aftertaste. 

Nicaraguan coffees offer a large range of flavour characteristics. Some can be compared to Mexican coffees from Oaxaca, some have more acidity. Others, such as the coffee specialties from the Nueva-Segovia area, are slightly lemony and light. Traditional botanical varieties are used: Typica, Bourbon and Maragogype dominate alongside Caturra and Pacas. Maragogype coffee is particularly notable due to its constant high quality.

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