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Cherizena Blended Coffee

Model: Smooth Mountain
A quality blend of Ethiopian, Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans, roasted to a medium strength to resemble the aroma and flavour of the exquisite Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica. The coffee is mildly acidic with a mellow flavour and full aroma.  The big question is….can you t..
Model: Leicester
This perfectly blended medium roast coffee contains both Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Because of the Robusta there is a higher level of caffeine to pack a real kick to your morning!  A rich velvety coffee, well rounded, consistently smooth with an excellent finish...
Model: Original Melton
To celebrate 10 years in business we produced a unique and distinctive addition to our Premium coffee range. Melton Blend because we were a Melton based business back in 2009. We have combined very high quality Brazilian and Ethiopian beans with Colombian beans to give a coffee which has good body, ..
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