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Cherizena Blended Coffee

Model: Italian
A fully roasted mix of Colombian, Brazilian and Honduran Arabica beans producing a medium bodied coffee with dark colour and smooth taste. This coffee is fairly strong and rich but without bitterness. It makes a great espresso coffee and is without doubt one of our most popular coffees...
Model: Breakfast
A refreshing blend that is not too strong, but stronger than a medium roast. Ideal for your first cup of the day.  With no bitterness but a great richness of flavour this is a blend of arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil and Honduras...
Model: Continental
A blend of very highly roasted Arabica beans from India, Brazil and Colombia.  Very dark and oily with a strong and slightly bitter taste. This makes a superb espresso coffee and as this method of roasting is most popular in continental Europe it will make the archetypal "cafe noir". A treat fo..
Model: Emperor
Our own recipe combining very high roast Colombian, Brazilian and Indian coffees. A very strong and mature flavour with a lingering aftertaste. This coffee is very dark in colour. Perfect for lovers of strong coffee...
Model: Espresso
We have developed a blend particularly suited to espresso machines, a dark rich roast with plenty of body giving a fabulous crema. The blend contains Ethiopian Djimmah 5, Brazilian Santos and a high grade Vietnamese Robusta.  For the perfect espresso the grind is vitally important...too coarse ..
Model: Fairtrade Espresso
We have developed this richer roast espresso blend from Fairtrade certified beans. A very full flavoured coffee with deep colour and full strength, but without bitterness.  Originating from Fairtrade estates in Vietnam, Brazil and Colombia. Provides a great crema when made with an espresso mach..
Model: Lintong
Originating from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, combined with other Arabica beans from Brazil and Honduras this blend has only to be medium roasted to give a heavy full bodied coffee and deep colour. You get espresso strength of flavour whichever method of coffee-making you use. This coffee bean ..
Model: Belvoir
With the same flavour notes as our Breakfast Blend but slightly stronger.  We developed this blend to satisfy those who need a good strong coffee without a hint of bitterness.  It also, as the name suggests, proudly represents our flagship store at The Engine Yard at Belvoir...
Model: The Fuel Tank
Blended for the exclusive use of The Fuel Tank Café at The Engine Yard, Belvoir we designed this coffee to appeal to the majority of people.  For those who like a strong flavour, exceptionally smooth and without bitterness. Works as well in a flat white or cappuccino as it does in a filter or ..
Model: Smooth Mountain
A quality blend of Ethiopian, Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans, roasted to a medium strength to resemble the aroma and flavour of the exquisite Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica. The coffee is mildly acidic with a mellow flavour and full aroma.  The big question is….can you t..
Model: Leicester
This perfectly blended medium roast coffee contains both Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Because of the Robusta there is a higher level of caffeine to pack a real kick to your morning!  A rich velvety coffee, well rounded, consistently smooth with an excellent finish...
Model: Original Melton
To celebrate 10 years in business we produced a unique and distinctive addition to our Premium coffee range. Melton Blend because we were a Melton based business back in 2009. We have combined very high quality Brazilian and Ethiopian beans with Colombian beans to give a coffee which has good body, ..
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