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Cherizena Tea

Model: Luxury Yorkshire
There's something very special about experiencing a cup of tea in Yorkshire. Perhaps it really is in the water! Harrogate is famous for its many ancient wells, in particular the famous Tewitt well discovered by William Slingsby during the 1700's who believed that Harrogate's water supply had miracle..
Model: Mixed Wild Berry
The large fruity selection of berries is just delightful. In midsummer the bushes are full of dark red and blue berries. On sunny forest edges and slopes, from the lowlands to the mountain regions, they soak their aroma with the warm sunshine. Who has not picked them as a child and eaten them with d..
Model: Newberry Fruits - Fruit Tea
The essence of fruits and memories gone by!  A combination of luxury hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrants, apple pieces, blueberries, elderberries, raisins and cornflowers results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a truly delicious berry fruit tea. Drink it hot or as an ice t..
Model: Organic Hibiscus Flowers
Harvested in Egypt, these Hibiscus flowers are among the finest available in the world. Alone, hibiscus has a sweet, honey- like, fresh taste. Combined with other herbs or teas, hibiscus lends a floral character and slight astringency...
Model: Organic Pai Mu Tan
Pai Mu Tan is the best-known specialty within the category "White Tea" and is finding more and more friends all over the world. A tea plant called Chaicha or Narcissus grows in the province of Fujian and is also known as "White Peony" After plucking, the tea is dried in the sun or in closed rooms wi..
Model: Peppermint
The freshest tea you’ll taste is Peppermint.  A traditional herbal with light minty taste, not only very refreshing but renowned for its soothing benefits.  Particularly helpful with stomach aches and pains, stomach cramps, heartburn, gas/flatulence and indigestion. Peppermint helps to pr..
Model: Rosie May Fairy Princess Tea
A perfectly pink magical tea packed with Vitamin C and perfect for every Fairy Princess.  Rosie May Fairy Princess Fruit Tea is refreshing and every bit as thirst quenching.  In our bid to support The Rosie May Foundation, £1 from the sale of every bag goes straight to helping raise funds ..
Model: Russian Caravan
Russian Caravan is a tea steeped in history! Following the Silk road traditions, we've combined an Assam a Lapsang Souchong (to give that smokey hint of the camp fires) and a light, bright Ceylon tea. A luxury Black tea from India, China and Sri Lanka with a moderate caffeine content.  Full bod..
Model: Spiced Apple - Fruit Tea
Spiced Apple Fruit Tea is a seriously, delicious apple experience; one you'd only expect to find from a luxury herb and fruit tea. Naturally dried apple pieces mixed with cardamom, cloves, pepper and cinnamon produce a tea with a crisp character and light lingering finish. Truly delightful, every si..
Model: Stress Samurai
A really uplifting blend, helps to relieve mental and physical tiredness, improve mood & handle stress.Green Mate, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Ginseng, Gingko, Nettle, Cornflower, Calendula and Sunflower petals..
Model: Turmeric and Ginger
Turmeric is the trend of the season and an absolute must-have as a tea. This herb tea blend is based on turmeric roots and ginger pieces and caters for an extraordinary taste experience.Ginger’s spicy hot flavour is underlined by sweet aniseed and delightfully bitter cocoa shells. That certain somet..
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