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Cherizena Single Origin Coffee

Model: Brazilian Santos
Brazil remains the world’s largest coffee producer with current production running at an amazing 45 million bags a year and with a multi-tiered quality structure.  Amongst the top grades is the Cerrado region coffee’s being a naturally produced unwashed, fine cup quality whose reputation for qu..
Model: Pure Colombian Excelso Huila
Today Colombia is the second largest producing country in the world after Brazil, and with its favourable geographical and climatic factors (the coffee producing area lies among the foothills of the Andes where the climate is temperate and moist) is renowned for its quality and flavour.  Colomb..
Model: Costa Rica Tuj San Marcos De Tarrazu
One of the most highly regarded marks of top quality Costa Rican coffee from the volcanic Tarrazu region.  Tobias Umana Jimenez built the mill in the town of San Marcos in 1920. Strict quality control to use only green / blue bold beans grown at an altitude of 1,750 metres limits production to..
Model: Ethiopian “Yirgacheffe” Single Origin Speciality
From the Northern Sidamo province of the Ethiopian Highlands which is renowned for its fine coffees.  This fully washed coffee is of very limited crop of which the majority tends to be shipped to the gourmet market of Japan.  Bean size is screen 15 upwards and the individual character of t..
Model: Monsoon Malabar
Taking its name from the weathering Indian coffees used to endure during sailing ship voyages from India to Europe which turned the light green coffee beans to pale yellow nicknamed “Monsooning”, this Indian Monsooned Malabar AA coffee has a rich bodied intensity with a cup character rarely found wi..
Model: Indian Mysore
Mysore coffee is grown in India in the state of Kamataka, which was formerly known as Mysore.  About 80% of Indian coffee comes from Kamataka, and this coffee is often sold as Indian Mysore.  A good Indian Mysore is sweet with a medium to full body and a subtle, rich flavour complemented b..
Model: Old Brown Java
Javan coffee has long been prized for its flavour. Our Old Brown Java is 100% Arabica naturally aged for 2 years before roasting. An Indonesian coffee from the Island of Java is one of the most famous and sought after aged coffees. This is medium roasted to give a naturally sweet and mellow flavour ..
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