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Cherizena Speciality Coffee

Model: Nicaraguan "Flores del Café" Woman's Project
This coffee, produced exclusively by women, is the key to the goal of the Women’s Project: improving the quality of life of its members. The “Flores del Café” helps them to acquire a legal title to property of their land. This legal right is a precondition for being able to receive credits and loans..
Model: Vietnamese Culi Robusta
Dark, strong, full-bodied sundried Robusta containing 40% more caffeine than Arabica beans.  This Culi Robusta is Trung Nguyen's triumphant return to the best gourmet Robusta in the world...
Model: Santo Domingo Barahona Organico Speciality
This organic coffee has an extraordinarily intense sweetness and is extremely high quality.  Our coffee comes from a selection of small farms in the northwest of island of the Dominican Republic known as “Barahona”.  It ripens under ideal growing conditions and the raw coffees are washed a..
Model: Galapagos San Cristobel Speciality
Since law forbids the use of pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers on the Galapagos Islands this excellent coffee is one of the best in the Caribbean.  The small farms and co-operatives on the Island of San Cristobal from which this coffee is sourced, work soil rich in nutrients produ..
Model: Panama Volcan Baru Speciality
Harvested from very small plantations near the city of Boquete, a region known as the "Valley of the Flowers and the Everlasting Spring" is in available in very limited quantity. The Panama coffee industry has been producing exceptional quality premium coffees for many years now. This coffee comes f..
Model: Tunki
This wonderful quality coffee from the north of the Titicaca Lake is cultivated on the southern slopes of the Andes in Peru at altitudes of between 1,300 to 1,800 m. The organic Tunki coffee is produced by small, family-run farms which belong to Indian tribes and are direct descendants of the Inca. ..
Model: Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Speciality
Speciality coffee from The Waghi Valley on the Island of New Guinea this beautiful coffee is hand picked, washed and dried in the sun. The beans are sorted by hand and roasted by experts ensuring its perfect quality. A velvety body with a well balanced acidity and smooth hints of chocolate and ..
Model: Sao Silvestre Late Harvest Speciality
Speciality coffee from Brazil, hand-sorted and unwashed, ripening later in the season since the plants only receive the morning sun. After harvest, the coffee is sorted by hand securing both its quality and also many jobs in the region. The beans are matured for at least three months. A well balan..
Model: Indonesian Sumatra “Toba” Speciality
This exceptional coffee is from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, a high grade coffee available in small quantities. It is cultivated at an altitude of approx. 1200m above sea level on the shores of Lake Toba , by a co-operative of small farmers. These farmers receive a lot of help from the exporter..
Model: Jamaican
This exquisite quality Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee comes from the award-winning Gold Cup Estate.  Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has the reputation of being the world’s best, and is famous for its exquisite flavour, good acidity, a clean refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body and int..
Model: Thailand Pang Khon Speciality
From the hilltribe of Akha were almost every member of the village is involved with coffee production. Cultivated and harvested entirely by hand this coffee is delicate with a mild aroma, followed with chocolate, a hint of nuts and finally an aftertaste of caramel...
Model: Guatamala Lampocoy - Speciality
Gourmet coffee directly from the small village of Lampocoy.  Organically cultivated and produced in very small quantities. This coffee has an exceptionally nice, full body, a delicate acidity and a slight hint of fruits, chocolate and caramel.  Thanks to the growing conditions this is one ..
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