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Cherizena Coffee

Model: 100% Arabica Nespresso Compatible Pods
Sourced directly from the Italian roastery El Mundo, a 100% arabica Italian roast with the beans originating from central and south America. Incredibly smooth with no bitterness.10 capsules per box...
Model: Espresso Italiano Nespresso Compatible Pods
NEW COMPOSTABLE Nespresso Compatible Pods from the Italian Roastery El Mundo. Rich roast, perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta beans to create the intensity of an Italian Espresso in your own home.  Also available as decaffeinated *10 pods per boxDecaffeinated pods are not currently composta..
Model: 2 Week Gift Pack
A generous supply of coffee 2 x 250g designed to provide around 50 cups, 14 cups of Stress Samurai tea and 2 delicious bars of chocolate.  Send as a gift, shipping details can be altered, or send to yourself. Free from postage charges.  Italian Roast coffee as standard but any premium or f..
Model: Cherry Bakewell
A new one to our range, think of sweet cherries and almonds to create a delicious traditional Cherry Bakewell flavour.  ..
Model: Coffee Mocha Liqueur
A new addition to our range, sweet and decadent creamy chocolate liqueur flavour.  ..
Model: Decaffeinated Espresso Italiano
A balanced rich roast of both arabica and robusta beans gives intensity and creaminess typical of the best Italian coffee with 0.1% caffeine...
Model: Espresso Italiano
From the house of El Mundo an authentic Espresso,  a blend of precious natural and washed Central and South American Arabica, which gives a round body and a full aromatic profile, with hints of chocolate, toasted and floral with a small percentage of selected Robusta which gives structure an..
Model: Fathers Day Selection Box
A perfect coffee selection box for a special treat for Fathers Day.  A distinctive mix of exclusive coffees and delicious chocolate coated coffee beans.  A strong Italian coffee, directly from the El Mundo Roastery in Italy, a Malt Whisky flavour coffee ideal for after dinner and a treat s..
Model: Ipanema
We are delighted to be able to exclusively offer this award winning 100% Arabica Single Estate Brazilian Coffee from Ipanema Agricola Ltd. The Ipanema Espresso label, sold in the UK exclusively via Cherizena Coffee Beans, is prepared from a blend of washed, pulped natural and natural Arabica coffees..
Model: Italian
A fully roasted mix of Colombian, Brazilian and Honduran Arabica beans producing a medium bodied coffee with dark colour and smooth taste. This coffee is fairly strong and rich but without bitterness. It makes a great espresso coffee and is without doubt one of our most popular coffees...
Model: Rich Roast Pure Colombian
This coffee is a richer roast of our original Pure Colombian. Colombia is the second largest producing country in the world after Brazil. Colombia Excelso Huila comes from a group of small farms with an average size of 2 hectares each, located within the Huila department. These small farms are p..
Model: Vietnamese Culi Robusta
Dark, strong, full-bodied sundried Robusta containing 40% more caffeine than Arabica beans.  This Culi Robusta is Trung Nguyen's triumphant return to the best gourmet Robusta in the world...
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