As part of our ongoing mission to provide our customers with ethically sourced, high quality coffee beans we have leased a tree in Panama from a family run business who appeared recently on Ben Fogals New Lives in the Wild. We thought it was a brilliant way to support this business but also to have coffee beans just for us and our customers where traceability is not only to the farm but to the actual tree!

Over the coming months we will be reporting on how our tree is doing. Our tree just is about to go through its 1st bloom cycle.

After the harvest ended in January, the tree went through a recovery phase. There was no rain for almost 4 months and the tree shut down to conserve energy. It slowly started making flower buds and will not bloom until it gets some rain. It has now rained the last 2 days, so we expect to see the blooms soon! The blooms will only last about 5 days and the tree is self-pollinating. We hope that there is no rain while the blooms are out or at least very little rain. The tree will be making new leaves every 24 days or so. Our tree has many new leaves just starting out. As you can see, they are very small....smaller than a fingernail right now.

If you look closely, you can see where the flower buds are just starting to make an appearance. These are happening on many of the "knuckles" of the limb. Each tree branch or limb has a knuckle about every 12 cm. These knuckles are where the tree will sprout leaves and flowers.

We are eagerly awaiting the next update from Rick and Andi, the owners of the farm and will keep updating you as soon as we hear anything.