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08 Jan New Ayurvedic Teas
Tanith 0 232
In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means the science of life – and it is just that. Unlike modern science that focuses on treating a specific disease, Ayurveda is a holistic and personal form of health practice that honours the mind, body, and spirit. It incorporates diet, lifestyle, herbs, and yoga to truly heal from within.Ayurvedic teas are traditional herba..
28 Jun Cherizena is proud to help with The Rosie May Foundation
Tanith 0 432
A new partnership has been born from a kind recommendation by the chef at Belvoir Castle. As Mary and Graham Storrie, the founders of the Rosie May Foundation had a coffee at the castle they mentioned that they were looking for a supplier for coffee beans for their new Tuk Box, a mobile coffee bar serving up quality drinks at events, weddings and p..
08 May Are you dark & strong or smooth & sweet?
Tanith 0 1712
Are you dark & strong or smooth & sweet?Quite often when I ask people what sort of coffee they like, the common response is “I just like coffee – any really!”  Usually further probing questions reveal quite quickly that certain coffees suit different people.  Which of the following response would you give?I like it strong! Really Strong! The Strong..
04 May We have our own Coffee Tree!
Tanith 0 1778
As part of our ongoing mission to provide our customers with ethically sourced, high quality coffee beans we have leased a tree in Panama from a family run business who appeared recently on Ben Fogals New Lives in the Wild. We thought it was a brilliant way to support this business but also to have coffee beans just for us and our customers where ..
01 May Cherizena Website
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Welcome to the new Cherizena Website..
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